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Canada’s Farm Show Regina, SK

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Jun. 20 – 22, 2023 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
1700 Elphinstone Street
Regina, SK
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Canada's Farm Show Regina, SK presented by Viterra

Our Pillars

CFS main values


Recruit, evaluate and support quality innovations in the agriculture industry in dryland farming. Our goal is to ensure innovation remains a strong and driving force behind our economy.

CFS main values


We are a centre of excellence for education that influences the dryland farming industry and works to provide opportunities for learning and growth. We are committed to engaging and educating our youth.

CFS main values


Our commitment to provide opportunities for producers, decisions makers and influencers to connect, collaborate and advance dryland farming practices around the world.

Canada's Farm Show 2023 – Daily Schedules

Time Presenter / Speaker Topic Presented By Description

7:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Regina and District Chamber of Commerce

Premier’s Breakfast

CFS Presented by Viterra.

Innovations Awards Presented by Greenwave Innovations and

The Launch Pad Presented by Deloitte.

*Ticketed Event*

9:45 AM

Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel – Farmer, Speaker, Advocate and Host of Canada’s Farm Show Launch Pad

Welcome and Greetings

CFS Presented by VIterra.

The Launch Pad Presented by Deloitte.

10:00 AM

Perry Gryde – North American Sales Manager, Honey Bee Manufacturing, Ltd.


What’s NXT?

Product launch Presented by Deloitte.

‘Want to see some new iron?

Join Perry Gryde and Barry Lindmark for the first-ever reveal of Honey Bee’s next generation of harvesting technology.

11:00 AM

Darcy Herauf, Director of FCC AgExpert


Digitization and why it is important

Presented by FCC AgExpert.

Digitization and the Ag Industry

11:30 AM

Megz Reynolds, Do More Ag

Cathy Welta, RBC

Jonathon Sweat, VP Business Management Agriculture Solutions Canada BASF

Nicole Misura, Togetherall


“AgTalk – Peer-to-Peer Support Platform Launch”

AgTalk is a national peer-to-peer support platform powered by Togetherall and available to anyone 16+ who identifies as being part of the Canadian agricultural industry. AgTalk provides a safe and anonymous space for individuals to connect, share, support others and receive support from a community of peers who understand their unique experiences.

Monitored 24/7 by mental health clinicians, AgTalk provides a safe environment for open discussion on mental health in both English and French. Agriculture is an industry with a foundation of deep rural roots, hard work, resilience, strength and community. In order to uphold that image those traits can become barriers for speaking up and seeking help.

Recognizing these challenges, BASF, Royal Bank of Canada, and McCain Foundation have come together in partnership with Do More Ag to support the development of AgTalk, to better address the specific needs of individuals in agriculture.

12:30 PM

Judith de Vor, Farmer at The Elihoeve; a regeneratieve dairy and education farm in The Netherland

Paul Temple, Farmer – H. S. Temple & Son in the United Kingdom
Moderator: Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel


Fertilizer Reduction Mandates,
A Global Farmers Perspective

Why is there still a need for fertilizer? In the European Union, as part of the Green Deal for a better environment, there has been set goals for reducing the use of fertilizer. Is there an alternative for it?

Farmers from around the world share their experiences with fertilizer and reduction mandates. Different policies, and political landscape from a global farmers perspective. What they see as the future for fertilizer, soil & plant knowledge, and how to keep adapting.

1:30 PM

Catherine King, VP Fertilizer Canada


Increasing the understanding of the fertilizer industry

Since late 2020 the fertilizer industry has become a topic of “mainstream” among influential Canadians. People are talking about fertilizer – from the Federal emission reduction target to food security. This causes both challenges, but also opportunities. What are some of the challenges that the industry has faced, how has the Association worked to increase knowledge of the fertilizer industry and where do we need to go from here?

Join Catherine as she gives an overview of the Fertilizer Canada, the policies the Association is working on and the communications opportunities ahead for the industry.

2:45 PM – 5:00 PM

Cultivator powered by Conexus

24 Hour Start Up | AGTECH

Pitch Finale

Cultivator powered by Conexus brings 24 Hour Startup | AGTECH to Canada’s Farm Show! This event brings together the best and brightest in agriculture, technology, and business to pitch ideas, form teams, and build a minimum viable product (MVP) in just 24 hours.

Join us as we watch the 24 Hour Startup | AGTECH teams pitch their products to a panel of guest judges for a chance to win up to $12K in prizes.

Schedule subject to change

Time Presenter / Speaker Topic Presented By Description

9:45 AM

Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel – Farmer, Speaker, Advocate and Host of Canada’s Farm Show Launch Pad

Welcome and Greetings

CFS Presented by Viterra. The Launch Pad Presented by Deloitte.

Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel kicks off the AGTECH ACCELERATOR’s Global Agtech Summit at Canada’s Farm Show. This full-day summit will connect farmers, founders, and funders by providing an exclusive look at the future of agriculture and agtech innovation.

10:00 AM

Cadmus Delorme

Indigenous Inclusion in Agriculture | Reviving Farming Roots

Join us for an engaging keynote with Cadmus Delorme, former Chief of Cowessess First Nation, where he will discuss the future of Indigenous agriculture, including the opportunities and challenges facing Indigenous peoples in the industry.

Cadmus will share his experiences and showcase how Cowessess First Nation successfully implemented large-scale farming operations. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from one of the leading voices in Indigenous agriculture.

10:45 AM

Industry Panel

The Agtech Advantange | How Technology is Accelerating Agriculture

Step into the world of agtech for a captivating discussion as a panel of esteemed corporate voices shares their insights on the future of agriculture. This dynamic panel comprises thought leaders, innovators, and experts from various backgrounds, brought together to shed light on the rapidly evolving landscape of agriculture and the transformative potential of technology within the industry.

The panelists will discuss the importance of strategic partnerships, collaboration, and industry synergies in driving the success of agtech ventures worldwide.

11:15 AM

Samuel Fournier

ChrysaLabs Product Launch | Supercharging Soil Monitoring

Fresh off a $15M raise, ChrysaLabs is bringing smart farming technology to the field so you can make decisions on the spot.

ChrysaLabs uses advanced AI and spectroscopy scans to analyze the soil’s chemical signature in under 30 seconds. Reducing the time between soil sampling and actionable results allows producers to make the right decisions that lead to precise actions, higher yields, reduced costs, and increased sustainability.

11:45 AM

Alain Goubau

Path to Acquisition | Harvesting Innovation with Combyne

Join Alain Goubau, CEO of Combyne Ag, as he shares his founder journey and the path to acquisition of Combyne Ag by Bayer Crop Science in early 2023.

Discover how Combyne’s farmer-centric crop marketing revenue and risk management tools led to the acquisition and gain insights to how their on-farm and off-farm software tools optimize farm operations and decision-making in grain marketing.

12:15 PM – 1:15 PM

Crop Intelligence

Alana Serhan B.Envr AAg – Territory Business Agronomist

Andrea De Roo M.Sc. P.Ag. CCA – Director of Agronomy



Crop Intelligence, New feature update – Real time insights

Product Launch Presented by Deloitte

Advances in agronomy and technology are changing the way we farm. The team at Crop Intelligence is excited to share new product enhancements that continue to inform producers of their true yield potential.

Join us as we highlight the real time insights Crop Intelligence can bring to your farm.

1:15 PM – 1:25 PM

Carson Green, Entrepreneur in Agriculture

Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel, Host of Canada’s Farm Show Launch Pad


A Young Agripreneur’s Story

Cherilyn sits down with Carson Green, a young entrepeneur from Mossbank, Saskatchewan area for a fire side chat about his story in Agriculture.

Find out what he does, how he started his career in Agriculture at such a young age, his stories to share along the way, the most memorable opportunity he’s had so far, advice for other young entrepreneurs, and where he sees himself five and ten years from now.

1:30 PM

Global Investor Panel

Cultivating Capital | A Global Perspective on Investing in Agtech

Unlock the secrets of successful agtech investment as industry experts take the stage, sharing valuable insights and strategies for high-potential technologies in agriculture.

This discussion will delve into the nuances of evaluating agtech startups and assessing their potential for growth and impact. Attendees can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in this sector, as well as strategies to identify and seize investment prospects that have the potential to revolutionize the future of agriculture.

2:15 PM

Producer Panel

Breaking Ground | A Producer Perspective on Agtech Innovation

During this engaging discussion, the panelists will delve into their personal experiences with agtech adoption, highlighting the challenges faced, lessons learned, and the tangible results achieved. They will share stories of how innovative technologies, such as precision agriculture tools, automated machinery, smart sensors, and data analytics, have transformed farming practices and improved overall outcomes.

2:45 PM – 5:00 PM

Demo Day

AGTECH ACCELERATOR | Global Innovation in Action

Cultivator, Emmertech, and Economic Development Regina have partnered to accelerate the growth of agtech through the AGTECH ACCELERATOR program.

Watch as 16 high-growth agtech companies from across the Globe (9 Canadian, 1 Australian, and 5 United Kingdom) pitch their innovations in hopes of securing a deal with investors in the audience.

Schedule subject to change

Time Presenter / Speaker Topic Presented By Description

9:45 AM

Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel – Farmer, Speaker, Advocate and Host of Canada’s Farm Show Launch Pad

Welcome and Greetings

CFS Presented by Viterra.

The Launch Pad Presented by Deloitte.

10:00 AM

Canada’s Farm Show Innovations Program


Innovation Product Launch

Product Launch Presented by Deloitte. Innovations Program Presented by Greenwave Innovations and

11:00 AM

David McInnes, Arrell Food Institute


Is Canadian Food Sustainably-Produced?

David McInnes is leading the development of Canada’s first agri-food sustainability index, the National Index on Agri-Food Performance.

An unprecedented coalition of some 127 private and public partners, including many producer organizations, is driving this work forward. By presenting Canada’s sustainability credentials in the global and domestic marketplace, the Index could become a key tool to support sustainability claims, enable exports and help back-up the trusted Canada food brand. But how do we really know if the sector is sustainable?

11:30 AM

Megz Reynolds, Do More Ag

Bob Wilkie, President of I Got Mind Inc.

Shawn O’Grady, MSW, Certified Mental Health Clinician

Shari Gebhard, 30 Year Educator, Coach and Community Leade


Understanding Stress

Presented by Saskatchewan Mining and Minerals Inc.

This presentation will outline positive strategies that can be utilized to control your response to stressful events. We will explain the relationship between stress and performance and the importance of identifying where you are on the curve. You will be given the chance to reflect on how you communicate when you are at an unhealthy stress level and introduction to new strategies to implement to create a positive communication style.

The presentation will help you identify the stressors that occur daily and develop strategies to manage those stressors for more positive outcomes. Each participant will have a new outlook on the value of stress.

12:30 PM

Corey Hirsch, Mental Health Advocate


The Save of My Life – Journey out of the Dark

Presented by FCC

As a former NHL goaltender who lives with the continual challenges of mental health, he speaks about his personal experience, the mask he wore for many years to hide his illness and protect himself, and the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of mental health issues.

An advocate for open dialogue, he discusses how to talk to friends, family and kids about mental health. He infuses his story and applies it to real life situations that suit all needs. Powerful, energetic, and moving, He has overcome many obstacles including a mental health issue. He has gone on to be widely successful, being an NHL Goalie, Goaltending coach, as well as television and radio broadcaster for Sportsnet. He is a published writer as well. He believes that mental health shouldn’t need hold you back from living the life you love. Life after hockey, he has dedicated his life to becoming. a mental health and wellness advocate.

1:00 PM

Tyler Heppell (a.k.a. Potato Ty), Farm Production Manager


Bridging the gap between traditional and new age farming

Product Launch Presented by Deloitte

Investing in new technology to increase profits. Educating the end consumer to stop spread of misinformation and encouraging the next generation farmer all through social media.

1:30 PM – 4:30 PM


Featuring a Panel Discussion
and Career Fair

Presented by Agriculture Manufacturers of Canada (AMC)

We are pleased to host this new event at Canada’s Farm Show, in partnership with AMC, at the Launch Pad stage in the Viterra International Trade Centre. This exciting new event provides job seekers a chance to network with experts and potential employers in the agriculture industry like you!

As you’re touring the exhibitors booths, you can also watch for signage that indicates if that company is hiring, and look for the icon beside a company’s name in our show guide and on the CFS app.

Schedule subject to change

2023 Show Pricing

Advanced Pricing

Adult 13+: $20.00
Youth 4-12: $15.00
Family Pass: $53.00 (2 adults + 2 youth)
Child 0-3: Free

At the Gate Pricing

Adult 13+: $25.00
Youth 4-12: $20.00

Note: Admission passes are good for all three days. Prices do not include taxes. Ticket prices subject to change.

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