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Our Board Members

The Board is comprised of no more than 16 members and no fewer than seven (7). Currently there are twelve (12) voting appointed directors and three (3) ex-officio (non-voting) directors – two appointed by the City of Regina and the other by the Ministry of Agriculture, Province of Saskatchewan.

Wayne Morsky
Tiffany Stephenson
Edmund Bellegarde
Ken Budzak
Kenric Exner
Rosanne Hill Blaisdell
Jim Hopson
Collin Pullar
Ahmed Malik
David Sinclair
Cathy Warner
Colina Paul
Ex-Officio, Government of Saskatchewan
Angela Hall
Ex-Officio, City of Regina
Councillor Bob Hawkins
Ex-Officio, City of Regina
Niki Anderson

Annual Reports

As a registered non-profit, we hold an annual general meeting (AGM) to share important financial information, strategic plans, and business successes with the public.

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