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The 2023 Innovation Award Winners

Presented by Farms.Com

Accusampler UltraMT - New Technology
Accusampler UltraMT – New Technology
Name of Inventor and Manufacturer: VeriGrain An automated grain sampler which can be used with swing augers, grain baggers, and bucket
elevators, it records moisture and temperature of each sample. The VeriGrain Smartphone app
calculates the optimal sampling interval. The auto-sampling feature ensures grain samples are
representative so growers can obtain an accurate analysis and get maximum price for their grain.
The moisture/temperature sensing feature identifies grain which is at risk for spoilage so the
grower can dry or blend to receive maximum price and avoid spoilage loss.

T: 639-994-4939 | | E: [email protected]

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Binhalo – New Technology
Name of Inventor and Manufacturer: Adaptive Agriculture Solutions Inc. The Binhalo is an innovative grain monitoring device that combines: in-bin grain cables; plenum
temperature, humidity, static pressure; and headspace CO2 detectors to provide early detection
of insects or mold growth. Binhalo has a modular control output that can be configured to operate
an aeration fan, exhaust fan, or heater. CO2 spikes and notifies users up to 14 days before cables
begin to show hot spots, giving the farmer much more time to react to potential spoilage or
infestation and act accordingly. With real-time monitoring, alerts, and historical analysis, the
Binhalo elevates grain quality, minimizes losses, and enables efficient grain management and storing practices.

T: 306-850-1259 | E: [email protected]

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InputsPro App
InputsPro – New Service
Name of Inventor: Kristen Timmerman | Name of Manufacturer: InputsPro Inc. InputsPro is an innovative mobile app or web platform that provides users with a digitized version
of the crop protection guides for Western Canada. Searchable by product name, active ingredient,
or crop/pest, users can find all the information they need to safely and efficiently apply crop
inputs! This includes crops and staging, target pests, rates, tank mixes, restrictions, and more!
Designed around simplicity and convenience, InputsPro provides growers, agronomists, and
retails alike with an easv-to-use tool to access all the information they need anytime. Anywhere.

T: 204-793-8646 | E: [email protected]

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Canada's Farm Show

Innovation & Indigenous People's Day Schedule

Time Presenter / Speaker Topic Presented By Description

9:45 AM

Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel – Farmer, Speaker, Advocate and Host of Canada’s Farm Show Launch Pad

Welcome and Greetings

CFS Presented by Viterra. The Launch Pad Presented by Deloitte.

Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel kicks off the AGTECH ACCELERATOR’s Global Agtech Summit at Canada’s Farm Show. This full-day summit will connect farmers, founders, and funders by providing an exclusive look at the future of agriculture and agtech innovation.

10:00 AM

Cadmus Delorme

Indigenous Inclusion in Agriculture | Reviving Farming Roots

Join us for an engaging keynote with Cadmus Delorme, former Chief of Cowessess First Nation, where he will discuss the future of Indigenous agriculture, including the opportunities and challenges facing Indigenous peoples in the industry.

Cadmus will share his experiences and showcase how Cowessess First Nation successfully implemented large-scale farming operations. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from one of the leading voices in Indigenous agriculture.

10:45 AM

Industry Panel

The Agtech Advantange | How Technology is Accelerating Agriculture

Step into the world of agtech for a captivating discussion as a panel of esteemed corporate voices shares their insights on the future of agriculture. This dynamic panel comprises thought leaders, innovators, and experts from various backgrounds, brought together to shed light on the rapidly evolving landscape of agriculture and the transformative potential of technology within the industry.

The panelists will discuss the importance of strategic partnerships, collaboration, and industry synergies in driving the success of agtech ventures worldwide.

11:15 AM

Samuel Fournier

ChrysaLabs Product Launch | Supercharging Soil Monitoring

Fresh off a $15M raise, ChrysaLabs is bringing smart farming technology to the field so you can make decisions on the spot.

ChrysaLabs uses advanced AI and spectroscopy scans to analyze the soil’s chemical signature in under 30 seconds. Reducing the time between soil sampling and actionable results allows producers to make the right decisions that lead to precise actions, higher yields, reduced costs, and increased sustainability.

11:45 AM

Alain Goubau

Path to Acquisition | Harvesting Innovation with Combyne

Join Alain Goubau, CEO of Combyne Ag, as he shares his founder journey and the path to acquisition of Combyne Ag by Bayer Crop Science in early 2023.

Discover how Combyne’s farmer-centric crop marketing revenue and risk management tools led to the acquisition and gain insights to how their on-farm and off-farm software tools optimize farm operations and decision-making in grain marketing.

12:15 PM – 1:15 PM

Crop Intelligence

Alana Serhan B.Envr AAg – Territory Business Agronomist

Andrea De Roo M.Sc. P.Ag. CCA – Director of Agronomy



Crop Intelligence, New feature update – Real time insights

Product Launch Presented by Deloitte

Advances in agronomy and technology are changing the way we farm. The team at Crop Intelligence is excited to share new product enhancements that continue to inform producers of their true yield potential.

Join us as we highlight the real time insights Crop Intelligence can bring to your farm.

1:15 PM – 1:25 PM

Carson Green, Entrepreneur in Agriculture

Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel, Host of Canada’s Farm Show Launch Pad


A Young Agripreneur’s Story

Cherilyn sits down with Carson Green, a young entrepeneur from Mossbank, Saskatchewan area for a fire side chat about his story in Agriculture.

Find out what he does, how he started his career in Agriculture at such a young age, his stories to share along the way, the most memorable opportunity he’s had so far, advice for other young entrepreneurs, and where he sees himself five and ten years from now.

1:30 PM

Global Investor Panel

Cultivating Capital | A Global Perspective on Investing in Agtech

Unlock the secrets of successful agtech investment as industry experts take the stage, sharing valuable insights and strategies for high-potential technologies in agriculture.

This discussion will delve into the nuances of evaluating agtech startups and assessing their potential for growth and impact. Attendees can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in this sector, as well as strategies to identify and seize investment prospects that have the potential to revolutionize the future of agriculture.

2:15 PM

Producer Panel

Breaking Ground | A Producer Perspective on Agtech Innovation

During this engaging discussion, the panelists will delve into their personal experiences with agtech adoption, highlighting the challenges faced, lessons learned, and the tangible results achieved. They will share stories of how innovative technologies, such as precision agriculture tools, automated machinery, smart sensors, and data analytics, have transformed farming practices and improved overall outcomes.

2:45 PM – 5:00 PM

Demo Day

AGTECH ACCELERATOR | Global Innovation in Action

Cultivator, Emmertech, and Economic Development Regina have partnered to accelerate the growth of agtech through the AGTECH ACCELERATOR program.

Watch as 16 high-growth agtech companies from across the Globe (9 Canadian, 1 Australian, and 5 United Kingdom) pitch their innovations in hopes of securing a deal with investors in the audience.

Schedule subject to change

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Ag Gradient

Launch Pad Innovations

At Canada’s Farm Show, we invite our exhibitors to showcase their latest and greatest innovation in equipment, technology and service in the agriculture industry. Each submission is judged by an independent panel several criteria, including:

  • Appeal and design
  • Novelty
  • Utility and function
  • Ingenuity
  • Quality and scope
  • Additional features
  • Value
  • Marketability

The top 3 finalists receive a professional video of their invention and a prize package valued at $2,500.00.

Past winner: South Country Equipment (Crop Intellegence)

Are You an Innovator?

At Canada’s Farm Show Regina, SK presented by Viterra, we invite our exhibitors to showcase their latest and greatest in Equipment, Technology and Service in the Agriculture Industry.

Each Innovation must be unique and new to the market. A priority will be placed on innovations that are unique or significantly different from products that are currently available in the marketplace.

Companies are invited to submit applications of their newest ideas and advancements to Canada’s Farm Show Regina, SK AgTech Innovation Program. This year will mark the 45th year of the program and we are excited to be able to showcase these new innovative products in our AgTech Innovation Pavilion.

The top 3 finalists will receive a professional video of their invention and a prize package valued at $2,500.00. All Innovations displayed in the AgTech Innovation Pavilion will be eligible for half-price booth space.