Brandt Centre Premium Experience

Brandt Centre Premium Experience

Our Premium Experience team looks forward to serving you in Brandt Centre premium seating!

We look forward to an action-packed season filled with exciting games and entertaining events that is topped off with a great selection of delicious food items and refreshing beverages. Our team has created a menu featuring a selection of premium appetizers, our chef’s creations and locally grown and sourced menu items. Of course, you’ll find your favorites and classic stadium fare, but we will also tempt your taste buds with specially prepared combination dishes as well as mouth-watering individual items from the a la carte menu. These tasty items are sure to please even the most discerning tastes.


Your account within this Premium Experience tool allows you to pre-order food and beverages for each event; select a delivery time for your orders, request special dietary or occasion arrangements, identify your authorized event-day on-site representative (host), pay for your orders and have an online record of your purchase history.


Pre-order menus


Game day menus


Online ordering is only available for suites from the pre order menu.

Advance Ordering

Advance ordering gives you and your guests a wider selection of chef-prepared options and is the ideal way to ensure your order is delivered when you want it. The advance-order menu provides a wide selection of à la carte food items and specially prepared and convenient combination packages. The items on this menu take longer to prepare and require pre-planning, so they must be ordered in advance. The Premium Experience menu, will be available online according to the cut-off schedule listed below. At 12pm the day of pre-order cut-off, the menu will no longer be accessible to order from the online system.


Event Day Pre-Order Cut-Off
Monday 12pm Sunday
Tuesday 12pm Monday
Wednesday 12pm Tuesday
Thursday 12pm Wednesday
Friday 12pm Thursday
Saturday 12pm Thursday
Sunday 12pm Thursday

An event-day menu with fewer items is available after the advance-order deadline has passed and during Brandt Centre events.

Event-Day Ordering

If you have missed the advance order deadline, you can still place an order for food to be delivered to your suite on event-day.  During the event, your server will be able to take your order. Please allow for 30 - 45 minutes for your event-day orders to be delivered. Event-day ordering is available 90 minutes before the game/event start time until 60 minutes before the game/event ends. Beverage and additional supplies (i.e. cups, cutlery, napkins etc.) can also be accommodated through your server.


Guests will be responsible to settle all tabs at the end of the event.  REAL’s preferred method of payment is debit, MasterCard, or VISA.

The suite holder is responsible for all payments incurred in their suite and any outstanding balances that are not covered by your suite guest during an event. Any outstanding balance will at the end of the event will be charged to the suite holder’s account.


A standard 12% administrative charge will be applied automatically to all food and beverage orders to cover administrative expenses. This administrative charge is not intended to be a tip, gratuity, or service charge for the benefit of service team or other employees.  No portion of this amount is distributed to employees.


Gratuities based on quality of service received are at the suite holder’s discretion.


All food and non-alcoholic beverage orders are subject a 5% Goods and Services Tax (GST) and a 6% Provincial Services Tax (PST). A 10% Liquor Consumption Tax (LCT) is charged on all alcohol. These taxes (GST, PST and LCT) are included in the listed price of the food and beverage items.


No charges will be assessed to suite holders for orders cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. Suite orders that are not cancelled within the 24-hours, minimum will be assessed 50% of the total food and beverage charge.


All food and beverage will be delivered to the suites as close to the specified time as possible. If placing an order during an event please allow 30-45 minutes for preparation and delivery of your order. Please note, pre-orders will take priority.  To avoid waiting for your order be sure to place a preorder.


REAL is the only licensee authorized to sell or service liquor, beer, and wine at the Brandt Centre. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted to be brought into or taken out of the suites or the venue itself. Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority prohibit the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages by any person under the age of 19.

REAL’s alcohol awareness policies will be observed. Possible liabilities may arise from the result of uncontrolled guest behavior; therefore, it is very important that this policy be strictly followed. It is the responsibility of the suite holder or its representatives to control the consumption of alcoholic beverages within the suite. By law, minors under the age of 19, and persons who appear visibly intoxicated may not consume alcoholic beverages. REAL reserves the right to refuse service to any person who appears to be intoxicated. Suite holders may incur liability if they fail to comply. If there are further questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact your suite representative.

BEVERAGE PAR STOCK MENU (for Executive Suite Holders only)

Each suite holder has the ability to set up a beverage par stock for their suite for the entire season. All products requested and place in the suite will be invoiced and payment collect prior to them being placed in your suite.  The suite holder will complete a beverage par stock form indicating which beverages on the menu you wish to be placed in your suite. The beverages will be placed in the suite prior to the arrival of guests and will be inventoried to ensure that the beverages provided matches the requested items and amounts as stated on the beverage par stock form. Prior to the next event, the beverages will be re-inventoried to determine the amount of beverages consumed, based on the initial par stock. A separate billing summary will be created for the restock. Alcoholic beverages may not be removed from the premises.

Your suite representative is available to help you customize a standard beverage par stock for your suite or to answer any questions you may have concerning your par stock.


Each suite contains a private liquor cabinet and refrigerator. Please be sure to make the appropriate selections on the online ordering website for each event. Any requests to have a closed liquor cabinet or refrigerator opened on an event day must be requested by an authorized signer of the suite account. Only those suite holders who have set a beverage par stock will have a pre-stocked suite. Suites that have not created a beverage par stock will need to pre-order or purchase beverage the day of the event.


For suites without a par-restocking agreement, REAL reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to dispose of any unconsumed or unopened food and beverages at the end of each event and to restock certain items for subsequent events and credit will not be given for any such item.


All food and beverage products served in the suites are handled exclusively by REAL. It is not permissible for guests to bring or remove food or beverage to or from the suites. Any food and beverage products brought into the suites without prior authorization will be charged to the suite holder at our standard retail price, and may be confiscated.


REAL reserves the right to inspect and control all suites. Liability for damage to the premises will be charged accordingly. The suite holder agrees to accept responsibility for any damage done by their group to the suite, prior to, during or following their event. REAL cannot assume any responsibility for personal property or equipment brought into the suite and event areas.


Please be sure to remove all personal property in each suite when leaving the premises. REAL is not responsible for any misplaced property, articles or equipment left unattended in the suites. Please contact 306-781-9252 for any lost and found concerns.


Each suite should designate one person as the official contact or “suite administrator.” Your suite administrator should be responsible for all order placement and communication with your Premium Experience representative.


All suites will be stocked with standard disposable plates, utensils and drinking cups, at no charge. Glassware is strictly prohibited.


During events, an attendant will deliver your food and beverage orders, take additional orders and assist in maintaining your suite.



Please feel free to call upon our Premium Experience team with your requests or special requirements. We’re here to make your Brandt Center experience outstanding and memorable!

For all Premium Experience inquiries please contact:

Amadou Djigo Catering and Premium Service Manager,, (306)527-5251 (AGT , Suites and Loge west Side)
Nolan Coller Premium Service Manager;, (306) 537-7085 (Suites and Dream Deck Logw East side)
Contact for Premium services for Brandt: ,, (306) 527-5251