Brandt Centre 2.0

Brandt Centre 2.0 - Exploring the Future

A Conversation about the Brandt Centre and Future Development Opportunities

REAL, as part of their revised strategic plan recommended the development of an Arena Planning Strategy Committee (APSC) to evaluate the current state and provide guidance to the future of the Brandt Centre.

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More information about the Brandt Centre:

Construction of the Brandt Centre began in 1976 at a cost of $7.7 M ( $35M in current Dollars).

The facility delivers over 70 event days annually, generates over $860,000 in earnings, and is a cornerstone of our event, entertainment, and recreational community infrastructure.

It remains highly competitive within the mid-sized event centre industry across Canada.

The Brandt Centre will require approximately $5 Million of investment to replace vital building systems within the next five years


More information about the Arena Planning Strategy Committee

With a desire to understand the future plan and path for the Brandt Centre the Board of Directors and Administration at REAL created a specialized Ad Hoc Committee to support an evaluation, needs assessment, and feasibility plan that would recommend a course of action to the Board of Directors who would provide a recommendation for the consideration of the Owner and Sole Shareholder, the City of Regina.

Arena Planning Strategy Committee (APSC) Membership

Tiffany Stephenson (Committee Co-Chair)

Tim Reid (Committee Co-Chair)

Wayne Morsky (ex-officio)

Mayor Sandra Masters (ex-officio)

Chris Lane

Rosanne Hill Blaisdell

Trent Fraser

Frank Hart

Jordy Schaworski

Mitch Molnar

Tracy Fahlman

Neil Donnelly

Edmund Bellegarde

Lori Ireland

Jason Carlston

Administration: REAL

Sinead Tierney

Roberta Engel

Sandra Jackle

Will Lofdahl


To review the entire Brandt Centre 2.0: Exploring the Future document in detail, please contact the Regina Exhibition Association Limited.