Fair Food

  • Unicorn Rainbow Glazed Donut Stick

    A colorful selection of all our Glazed Donuts, the Unicorn Rainbow Glazed donut stick is right for you, with some Red Velvet with Cream Cheese, Blueberry Glaze, and Honey Glaze all on one stick, taste of all.

  • Oreo Rice


    Say What.. That's right - Oreo Rice, cooked with Coconut Milk and crushed Oreo, this is the perfect east meets west dessert. Have to try this one-of-a-kind and only sweet Oreo Rice.

  • Spicy Fried Dill Pickles

    Mr Vegetable

    Who touched the thermostat?! Mr. Vegetables team has kicked it up a notch with their new flaming fried pickle chips. Crispy crinkle-cut dill pickles, coated in a picante jalapeño blanket and deep fried to perfection. Cool down with a creamy ranch or go 'Mas Picante' with our Jalapeño Ranch, if you dare..

  • Jalapeño Cheesy Cauliflower Bites

    Mr Vegetable

    Mr. Vegetables mouthwatering cauliflower bites are fried and smothered with Jalapeño, cheesy goodness, then garnished with warm toasted sesame seeds. Choose from our house-aioli dips. These bite sized pieces are perfect for sharing... not that you will.

  • Cajun Fried Cheese Curd Poutine


    The fusion we have all been waiting for, a fan favourite from our suggestion box. Curly's infamous golden curds are lightly breaded & fried to perfection before perfectly placing them on a bed of hot cajun curly fries. Tucked under a blanket of fresh gravy, our stretchy cheese curds were meant to wrap perfectly between these hot, luscious curls.

  • Maple Glazed Oreo Donut

    Nothing says I am Canadian than, Maple, Donuts and Oreo.  Introducing the Maple Glazed, bacon Oreo Donut. Truly a fan favorite and must have at the Fair!

  • Squid Ink Korean Corndog

    Big Coco's

    They taste similar to traditional favourite corndogs, except with more of a crunch and a bit of sweetness. It's half mozzarella, half hot dog, dipped in a black batter, with one end cut to resemble tentacles!

  • Flamin' Cheeto's Frys

    Fry Guys

    Our fresh cut fries taken to the next level... We add jalapeño cheese sauce and top off with crunchy Flamin' Cheetos.

  • Elote Corn

    Roasted corn covered in Mexican lime cream and cheese topped with chili powder, served with a lime and Mexican hot sauce.

  • Korean BBQ Fries

    Fries topped with Korean BBQ pulled pork, kimchi, and siracha aioli.

  • Deep Fried Mochi


    Who doesn't love mochi?? Well, we've taken it a step further and deep fried it!!! Perfectly deep fried on the outside, deliciously creamy on the inside and served with everyone's favorite dessert topping...cream cheese icing!!

  • Deep Fried Strawberries


    Fresh delicious strawberries on a stick and deep fried, what could be better? Oh yeah, we've gone ahead and topped them off with everyone's favourite, cream cheese frosting!!

  • Steve-O's Flamin Hot Chicken Sando


    The famous Steve-o's Fried Chicken Burger just got FLAMIN HOT!!! We've taken our signature burger and breaded it with Flamin' Hot Cheetos and added an extra little crunchy surprise.

  • Mac n Cheese Soft Serve


    The familiar taste of macaroni and cheese combined with a creamy coolness of soft serve ice cream.