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Motorsports Spectacular

January 27 – January 28, 2024
Brandt Centre
Regina, SK

Motorsports Spectacular is coming to the Brandt Centre, in Regina, on January 27 and January 28, 2024, with three (3) exciting performances!

MOTORSPORTS SPECTACULAR is an edge-of-your-seat, super-exciting, thrill-a-minute, live exhibition of motorsport events and death-defying stunts.  This exciting family event will feature Monster Truck Challenge and Free Style Motocross – Radical Jump Showcase & Open Pit Party prior to each performance!   

Get ready to feel the ground quake beneath your feet as the biggest, baddest monster trucks in the business roar into town. These mechanical behemoths are more than just trucks – they’re feats of engineering that defy logic and leave audiences breathless. With wheels as tall as a house and engines that could power a small city, these monsters will be tearing up the dirt and showing off their jaw-dropping stunts.  

The show will also feature some of the most skilled motocross riders around. These daredevils will be launching themselves over ramps and soaring through the air like superheroes, pulling off tricks that will make your head spin. With flips, twists, and death-defying stunts, these riders are true masters of their craft.  

Tickets for Motorsports Spectacular are available now!