• Why does it cost $5 to skate at Iceville when last year it was free?
    As you might imagine, there is a significant amount of water, staff time and energy that goes into creating and operating an ice surface of this size. 

    Last year, the decision was made to offer this event for free due to capacity issues and other variables related to the pandemic at that time. REAL was able to get sponsorship for the initiative from several community partners. It was important for REAL to be able to bring people together, even in safe, limited capacities, to support our community during the heart of the pandemic.

    Reviewing last year, it was decided to charge a nominal fee to help offset the costs associated with having an amazing opportunity like this available for the public to experience.

  • When does registration open?
    Registration opens at noon on Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2021. The public can go to www.iceville.ca to book a spot.

  • Does someone need to book one spot for their whole family, or do they need to register everyone in the family that is coming to Iceville?
    The cost to skate is $5 per person. If someone is coming to watch their family or friends skate, they can do so for free. They can watch from the concourse. 

  • Can someone show up to skate and register at the door?
    No, the public must register in advance for a specific skate time due to capacity issues.

  • What is the skater capacity on the Iceville surface?
    There are no public health restrictions in place right now limiting public gatherings.

    However, it is important to REAL that skaters can fully experience Iceville and feel safe. The capacity target for each ice session is approximately 215 people.
  • Is there food available for purchase and a place to warm up?
    The Harvard Lounge is being converted into the SGI Chalet. It will have grab & go food and beverage options during the day. At night, there will be a special chalet menu and drinks for purchase, including some signature cocktails.

    In addition, the Lounge is being transformed into a special ski Chalet during Iceville. There will be sofas, chairs, carpeting and blankets to name a few of the amenities being used to create a warm and inviting place to have some food and drinks or just visit with friends and family.
  • What if someone doesn’t have skates but wants to try Iceville, can they rent skates from somewhere?
    Yes, REAL has partnered with Extreme Hockey to offer skate rentals for kids and adults. The rental is available inside the Harvard Lounge Chalet. The cost to rent skates is $6 per pair, including tax.

  • Can someone get their skates sharpened during Iceville?
    Yes, Extreme Hockey will have skate sharpening available at Iceville.

  • What is the policy regarding cancellations due to extreme weather or other factors?
    If weather, ice conditions, or other circumstances beyond REAL’s control require the closure of Iceville and the cancelation of your booking, REAL will issue a refund for the ticket(s). The guests can re-book their ticket(s) for another day depending on the capacity. The threshold for keeping Iceville open on a particular day is -20 degrees. This is to ensure the safety and well-being of REAL's guests. REAL appreciates your patience and understanding.

  • What is the proof of vaccination requirements to come to Iceville? 
    As of Feb. 14, 2022 proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test are no longer required to be on the REAL Campus.

    As per the current public health order, masks are required while visiting any indoor area at Mosaic Stadium. Masks can be removed while skating, eating or drinking. However, you must also be seated while consuming food or beverages.
  • What do you use to protect the field under the ice?
  • Under the ice, we have installed a product called ArmorDecking over the entire turf area. Armordeck is a large plastic, interlocking tile system designed to protect artificial turf from excessive weight and traffic. It is the same product used when we hosted the Heritage Classic and Garth Brooks. Once the ice melts, we will remove and store the ArmorDecking, give the turf a little “fluff”, and it will be ready for use.

  • What does into making and maintaining an ice surface of this size?
    It took approximately 2,400 man-hours and 1,200 cubic meters of water to build the rink, which is less than we used last year. Approximately half the labour was the installation of the decking, and the other half was building the ice. Once we started the install, weather cooperated by staying consistently below zero to allow for proper freezing. Last year we were challenged by freezing and thawing during the installation. To maintain the ice is fairly simple, and we have lots of experience with ice maintenance. Periodic snow removal and regular floods are what is required. Because the campus is fully operational this year with WHL and a fully programmed Coooperators Centre, we’ve had to rent two zamboni’s for ice maintenance specifically for Iceville. However, we’ve partnered with Sherwood Coop and Fermac to help with the rental costs.

  • How big is the rink?
    The Iceville rink is approximately the size of six regulation ice rinks which is approximately 90,000 square feet.