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Canada's Farm Show 2023

Saskatchewan's 2023 Outstanding Young Farmer – WINNER

Each year, one farming family is selected from each of the program’s seven Regional Recognition Events to represent their respective region at the National Recognition Event. In 2023 the winner is:

Jake Leguee, Sarah Leguee and Erik Nikolejsin

Leguee Farms, Weyburn, SK

Leguee Farms was initially established in 1956 when Don and Elsie Leguee bought the home section at Weyburn, SK. Their youngest son, Russ, along with his wife Sharon, took over the farm in the late 1970s. During his time managing the farm, he started minimum tillage in the late 1980s and grew the acreage base by nearly 700%.

Russ began phasing out cattle in the early 2000s to focus exclusively on crop production. In the early 2010s, management of the farm transitioned to the third generation, with Russ and Sharon’s children Sarah and Jake fully involved as partners in the operation. In 2017, Erik, husband to Russ and Sharon’s youngest daughter Amber, joined the farm team as well. Today, Sarah, Jake, and Erik manage the farm as a team.

The Leguee team intensively manages their crops, believing in the importance of continuous improvement and always seeking to find new ways to care for both their soils and margins. They work with their partners to stay on the leading edge of technology, continually trialling new products and practices. The family strongly believes in the importance of community and leadership. They are involved in coaching, local recreation boards, fire department and ambulance services, RM councils, and more. Sarah and Jake are also involved with the broader agricultural community, including organizations such as APAS, the SaskWheat Development Commission, the Global Farmer Network, and others. They are determined to share a positive story on social media and through Jake’s popular blog, “A Year in the Life of a Farmer.”

Saskatchewan's 2023 Outstanding Young Farmer

Russ and Beth Wildfong
Wildfong Enterprises, Craik, SK

Russ and Beth Wildfong own and operate Wildfong Enterprises in Craik, SK. Russ grew up on his family

farm. At the age of 18, Russ rented his first two quarters and started farming. This helped him finance his post-secondary education at U of S, as he got his Engineering degree. He was also able to buy these 2 quarters of land during that time. After a short time in Calgary and northern Alberta, working as an engineer-in-training for the Canadian Natural Resources, Russ came back to finish his degree and concentrate on working on his farm.

Beth obtained her Commerce degree and currently runs a commercial development company. Russ and Beth expanded by purchasing the family farm and increasing their land base. Today they are farming 10,000 acres growing canola, durum, and lentils. They also started a new business called Wildfong Concaves.

They manufacture Ag parts for combine harvesters, using Canadian sourced raw steel and consumables. This company is growing and gaining International attention.

The Wildfongs keep busy with their two children, Arthur and Claire, coaching and managing sports teams, being involved with the local volunteer fire department and also with a local oral history group raising awareness for single room schoolhouses.

Canada's Farm Show

Education & Young Farmer's Day Schedule

Time Presenter / Speaker Topic Presented By Description

9:45 AM

Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel – Farmer, Speaker, Advocate and Host of Canada’s Farm Show Launch Pad

Welcome and Greetings

CFS Presented by Viterra.

The Launch Pad Presented by Deloitte.

10:00 AM

Canada’s Farm Show Innovations Program


Innovation Product Launch

Product Launch Presented by Deloitte. Innovations Program Presented by Greenwave Innovations and

11:00 AM

David McInnes, DMci Strategies


Is Canadian Food Sustainably-Produced?

David McInnes is leading the development of Canada’s first agri-food sustainability index, the National Index on Agri-Food Performance.

An unprecedented coalition of some 127 private and public partners, including many producer organizations, is driving this work forward. By presenting Canada’s sustainability credentials in the global and domestic marketplace, the Index could become a key tool to support sustainability claims, enable exports and help back-up the trusted Canada food brand. But how do we really know if the sector is sustainable?

11:30 AM

Megz Reynolds, Do More Ag

Bob Wilkie, President of I Got Mind Inc.

Shawn O’Grady, MSW, Certified Mental Health Clinician

Shari Gebhard, 30 Year Educator, Coach and Community Leade


Understanding Stress

Presented by Saskatchewan Mining and Minerals Inc.

This presentation will outline positive strategies that can be utilized to control your response to stressful events. We will explain the relationship between stress and performance and the importance of identifying where you are on the curve. You will be given the chance to reflect on how you communicate when you are at an unhealthy stress level and introduction to new strategies to implement to create a positive communication style.

The presentation will help you identify the stressors that occur daily and develop strategies to manage those stressors for more positive outcomes. Each participant will have a new outlook on the value of stress.

12:30 PM

Corey Hirsch, Mental Health Advocate


The Save of My Life – Journey out of the Dark

Presented by FCC

As a former NHL goaltender who lives with the continual challenges of mental health, he speaks about his personal experience, the mask he wore for many years to hide his illness and protect himself, and the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of mental health issues.

An advocate for open dialogue, he discusses how to talk to friends, family and kids about mental health. He infuses his story and applies it to real life situations that suit all needs. Powerful, energetic, and moving, He has overcome many obstacles including a mental health issue. He has gone on to be widely successful, being an NHL Goalie, Goaltending coach, as well as television and radio broadcaster for Sportsnet. He is a published writer as well. He believes that mental health shouldn’t need hold you back from living the life you love. Life after hockey, he has dedicated his life to becoming. a mental health and wellness advocate.

1:00 PM

Tyler Heppell (a.k.a. Potato Ty), Farm Production Manager


Bridging the gap between traditional and new age farming

Product Launch Presented by Deloitte

Investing in new technology to increase profits. Educating the end consumer to stop spread of misinformation and encouraging the next generation farmer all through social media.

1:30 PM – 4:30 PM


Featuring a Panel Discussion
and Career Fair

Presented by Agriculture Manufacturers of Canada (AMC)

We are pleased to host this new event at Canada’s Farm Show, in partnership with AMC, at the Launch Pad stage in the Viterra International Trade Centre. This exciting new event provides job seekers a chance to network with experts and potential employers in the agriculture industry like you!

As you’re touring the exhibitors booths, you can also watch for signage that indicates if that company is hiring, and look for the icon beside a company’s name in our show guide and on the CFS app.

Schedule subject to change

Attending Canada's Farm Show?

Review the entire schedule and plan your experience!

Ag Gradient

Careers in Ag

Representatives from manufacturers to discuss what they’ve done and are doing to recruit and maintain employees in todays market. In partnership with Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada (AMC).

There are two opportunities to learn more about a Career in AG:

  • 3:00-3:30 p.m. during the Ag Talk Panel on the Launch Pad Stage presented by FCC
  • 3:30-4:30 p.m. at the Career Fair, manufacturers, suppliers, and other Ag-related companies will be on hand to discuss opportunities and take resumes! Students can attend for FREE!*

*Students please use STUDENTSINAG code when purchases tickets to get your FREE pass (you will be prompted to show Student ID)

Launch your career in Ag today!

Agriculture in the Classroom

Growing Canada’s Agricultural Future

Since 1994, Agriculture in the Classroom Sask Inc., has played a pivotal role in educating youth about agriculture through hands-on activities, engaging programs and inquiry-based educational resources. 

The Ag in the Classroom team is passionate about inspiring the next generation to care about food and the farmers who grow it.  

Our Vision 

We have a vision of a Saskatchewan community that understands, appreciates and respects agriculture.

The agriculture industry is made stronger by the trust, support, and involvement of well-informed consumers. And right now, the future of agriculture is sitting in classrooms across the province, with their hands enthusiastically raised.  

Together we can:

Tractor in the field - stock


students to care about food and the people that produce it.

Seedmaster ULTRA SR Combine in the field

Build trust…

in agriculture by providing accurate, balanced, current ,and science-based information.

REAL Kid's camp photo - July 22


critical thinking.

Combine in the field - stock photo


students to consider careers in agriculture and food.

Keeping You in the Know

Featuring highlights, captivating interviews with experts and innovators, our Farm Show TV is here to keep you informed.

We aim to capture and preserve all the memorable moments from Canada’s Farm Show each year. Below is just a selection of what’s available from our 2022 event.